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Ralli Hall Announce 2019 Committee

Ralli Hall is proud to announce the 2019 committee with new members appointed to bring fresh ideas, momentum and community activities.

The 2019 Ralli Hall committee is as follows:

Roger Abrahams (Chairman),

Maxine Gordon (Centre Manager), Jacquie Tichauer (Accounts & Administration Co-ordinator),

Philip Simons (Hon. Secretary), Alan Burke (Hon. Vice Secretary),

Steven Samuels (Hon. Treasurer),

Marylin Fisher (Committee Member), Marilyn Magrill (Committee Member),

Jon Gaskin (Head of Facilities & Maintenance),  Tony Knights (Facilities Assistant/Caretaker),

Alex Duke (Bar & Events Drinks), Gavin Pullen, Steve Walker (Bank Staff)

Michelle Kay, Nicola Hymans, Lesley Walker and Gary Weston join the committee.

Each committee member brings valuable experience, contacts and skills to the Ralli Hall.

For more information, simply email or visit https://rallihallcommunity.centre/about


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